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The Yusupov Palace is also known by Moyka (or Moika) Palace, because it was built in a bank of the river Moyka (Мо́йка, in Russian). The river is small but surrounds the central area of St. Petersburg turning it into an island. The Palace is one of the most beautiful palaces throughout the Russian Federation. Firstly built in 1770, from 1830 to 1917 it belonged to the House of Yusupov. It was famous not only by its architectural design, but also by the frequent and sumptuous receptions, including dancing soirées and masquerades. In its cellar, the mad monk Grigory Rasputin was poisoned, shot and beaten by Prince Felix Yusupov and others, in December 1916. In this slideshow some aspects of the exterior and of the interior of the Palace are presented. Some additional bibliographical notes on Yusupov and Rasputin are also forwarded, with a surprise climax at the end of the show (HDV 1440 x 1080).