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Ürgüp is one of the important centers in this region that called Cappadocia. It is a district in the east of Nevşehir Province, in the Central Anatolia Region, in the middle of Turkey. It’s 20 km far from Nevşehir and it takes only 20-30 minutes by car or bus from Ürgüp to Nevşehir. According to 2013 census, the population is 20,061 in the centre of Ürgüp and total 35,028 with neighbourhood villages.
This town is famous with history, geological formations, architectural structures, tourism, meals, people, sightseeing, activities, and even the nightlife.
Urgup 3 guzeller peribacalari
Urgup The Three Beauties
A severe inland climate dominates in Ürgüp as the whole area, Cappadocia. The weather is too hot and dry in the summer. The temperature level in summer changes in between 25-30 C. However, in the winter the weather is too cold; the temperature level decreases and it gets about 0-10 C. But mostly, tourists prefer to visit this city for their summer holiday.
Ürgüp has got a big history. The history development of Ürgüp is based on 1800-1200 BC, from the Hittite period the Phrygian, Persian, Roman and Byzantine periods onto the Seljukid and Ottoman Empires. Ürgüp was called “Katpatuka” by the Persians which means “The land of beautiful horses” and it can be traced in historical monuments that beautiful horses were bred in this area since Hittites. Moreover according to Boğazköy State Archive, there is a historical monument which was written by a young horse breeding expert called Kikkuli who came from the Kingdom of Mitanni.
You can see fairy chimneys, the rock formations, valleys, old historical house and architectural structures when you travel in the center of Ürgüp and around Ürgüp. We can say that it’s a wonder of nature. Furthermore, you can watch these natural beauties as bird’s eye view. You can ask “how do we?” It’s easy, by balloon. You can join the hot air balloon flights and see all of the natural formations from the sky for about an hour. You can join jeep safaris to see these beauties from the land as well. You can also join fullmoon hiking tours through the valleys to see these formations in the moonlight at nights.
For staying there are too many hotels; cave hotels, cave boutique hotels and hostels in Ürgüp. You can choose according to your budget.
For having breakfast, lunch or dinner out of your hotel, there are many good restaurants which cook traditional delicacies like village breakfast, Testi Kebabı (pottery kebab) and stone oven meals and breads.
urgup temenni
ürgüp temenni sight
The nights in Ürgüp are lively till the morning. Fun never finishes at nights. You can go to pub or disco at nights in Ürgüp.
Lastly we can say Temenni, Kayakapı, old mosques, Six Gates Tombs, Red Valley (Kızılvadi), The Three Beauties are the most important places to see in Ürgüp. Besides, Ürgüp is close to Ortahisar and Mustafapaşa towns which have got a lot of churches and other natural formations. And they are only 5-6 km. far away from Ürgüp.
If you come and travel Ürgüp, we suggest you to visit all these sights.

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