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Take a tour of Brighton Royal Pavilion in Brighton, United Kingdom — part of the World’s Greatest Attractions travel video series by GeoBeats.

A former residence for the royalty of the United Kingdom, construction of the immense Brighton Royal Pavilion began in 1787 and was finally completed in 1822.
The Pavilion was designed in exotic Indo-Saracenic architectural style popular in 19th century India.
The beautifully intricate colonnades coupled with the domed spires, and creamy pale color adds to the grandeur of this extravagant structure.
Geometric screen and glass patterns allow the natural light to dance and shimmer on the Pavilion’s inner walls.
Adorning the interior are lavish furnishings of ancient Chinese and Indian origin, most likely acquired by the East India Trading Company.
Since its days as a hospital, housing injured Indian soldiers, during World War One the Pavilion has been open to visitors and is one of Brighton’s primary attractions.

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