Top 10 things to do in Barcelona

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Barcelona is a place for everyone! Everyone has different interests when going on vacation, whether it is shopping, sightseeing, sports or nightlife, Barcelona has it all.

Shopping areas : 

In terms of Shopping, there are a variety of places that Barcelona has waiting for you! Whether you want to go and shop in a more calm and tranquil ambient in ‘ Plaça de Sant Josep Oriol’  or you want to see all the madness, that the latest trending fashion has to offer in the ‘Rambla Catalunya’.

Famous sightseeing spots : 

There are tons of sightseeing spots that all tourists will enjoy. Antonio Gaudi , was and is still known as the master Architect, not only for his innovative ideas but also for the amazing work that he done in Barcelona.  ‘ La Sagrada Familia, La Pedrera , Casa Batllo, Casa Calvet ‘ are a few examples of Gaudi’s work, that make every Barcelona visit worthwhile.


The name of the city makes it pretty self-explanatory. Yes! Camp Nou it is ! Barcelona is home to the Barcelona FC Museum, where all the trophies and awards are up on display,  every visitor has the chance to see all the great legends as they enter the Barcleona FC retail shop. All visitors are welcome to take pictures and roam around the outside of the stadium, however, in order to enter the Museum and have the tour, there is a charge.


The nightlife in Barcelona is a spectacular experience, if going up ‘ Las Arenas’  , or going to a fancy dress disco is the plan for the night, it is guaranteed an amazing nights. ‘ Las Arenas’ has a terrace that gives all visitors a 360 degrees view, featuring a colour fountain show!

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