South America in 3 minutes

Published on January 13, 2016 by

South America,  a place where you can expect it all, different cultures, different scenery and all 4 seasons . The continent consisting of 12 independent countries has about every activity that’ll tick off everything on your ‘to do’ list  when on vacation or backpacking. From speed boating under the Iguazu falls in Ecuador to Sand boarding in Huacachina in Peru, South America has it all!

Some of the scenery that South America has to offer :

  1. 1. Argentina  

Iguazu Falls

Perito Moreno Glacier


      2. Bolivia

Salar de Uyuni

Valle de la luna

Cristo de la concordia


Christ the redeemer statue

Sugarloaf mountain

  4. Chile

Torres del Paine National Park

San Cristobal Hill

Santiago Metropolitan Museum


5. Colombia

National Coffee Park

Calima Lake


6. Ecuador

 Galapagos Islands

Machalilla National Park


7. Guyana

                                                                    Kaieteur Falls

Guyana Beach

8. Paraguay

Itaipu Dam

National Pantheon Of The Heroes


9. Peru

Machu Picchu

Plaza Mayor, Lima

Ampay National Sanctuary

10. Suriname

Suriname City Mosque

The Presidential Palace

11. Uruguay


Punta Del Este

12. Venezuela

Margarita Islands

Medanos De Coro National Park

Video credit: Back Paco