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Shepherd Entertainment takes you on a tour of Soller, which set in a green valley surrounded by Mall
Shepherd Entertainment takes you on a tour of Soller, which set in a green valley surrounded by Mallorca’s highest mountains. Its visitors can enjoy great tracks for both roadbiking and mountain biking.

Visit Soller on the Island of Mallorca, Spain A recent addition is a tram which connects Soller to the capital. And in order to shorten the long winding mountain way, a tunnel has been built on the public road. These two facts also emphasized the importance of Soller and how frequently it is visited. The town has an especially mild climate and is situated in the middle of Valle de los Naranjos namely The Valley of Oranges. The name Soller refers to gold and it used to be the summer residence of the Moor rulers. The highest mountain of the island, the one 1445 meter Puig Mayor, towers above the city. Soller is a unique city. And today the basis of its richness is tourism. Indisputably, this is the most valuable place of Majorca due to its beautiful location and a San Francisco style nostalgic street car. The city train is a rather anachronistic site as it rattles its way along the sunny beach. Especially as it departs from downtown, from between city hall and San Bartolomeo church and crosses the main square, and also the terrace of a large café, then its way leads through orange grows and small gardens until it reaches the coast and a semi circle of a long day. The friendly conductor sells tickets and signals the departure of the tram with a whistle. Upon finding a suitable spot for swimming, anyone can get off which is no easy job in high season, but there are those who make the journey of traveling by tram. There are beautiful views from almost all points of the bay however most visitors go to the light house where they can have a view of the angrily surging water. On the gently ascending hill, there is hardly a single free square meter as it is so filled up with newer and more beautiful holiday homes and villas, but down on the coast some old houses are still standing. In front of them is the garage like boat houses like we can find in Porto Petro or elsewhere all over the island is soaking their baseboards in the water. We can eat well in the little restaurants located in these kinds of old houses. The flavors of Balearic cuisine do not match completely those of the Spanish though today we can get gazpacho, paella and sangria here as well. Olives and the famous Majorcan capers are valued as seasonings. Raisins, juniper berries and almonds are frequently used in their dishes. Majorca’s specialty is Portsea or piglet but they are also very fond of one course dishes, Soupas Mayokini is one of them which in spite of its name it is not a soup but a cabbage and pork casserole. — is meat stuffed in cabbage leaves. Lamb is very popular but venison and rabbit even more so. Suprasada, a flaming red soft sausage is well known even among tourists. Vegetable dishes can mostly be compared to the Greek Moussaka. The range of dishes made of fish, squid, shellfish and crabs is wide and the consumption of snails is also wide spread. They eat mainly starters called Tapas or salad instead of soup. Pastas, cakes, sweets and of course fresh fruits are excellent. There are many fine Majorcan wines and the specialties of the island are the different citrus liquors. Anis brandy is also a local specialty. Tea toddlers can taste fresh orange juice or almond milk -. During the last centuries the mountains isolated Soller from the rest of the island which is why trade with the French became important for them but this is the explanation where that light French like style which fills the city.

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