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Howdy folks, my first EPISODE of SKATE China. NEXT EPISODE WILL BE RELEASED Jan. 10th. This is a SOLO trip, just myself. I wanted to explore SOLO distance skating travel. After completing the Murray River solo Feb. 2012, I kind of like traveling alone. This is a raw, self filmed account of my 3 weeks skating / hitch hiking journey from Xining China to Chengdu China. No music to entertain you or Aaron playing his strum stick, just the wind, and my horrible singing, hahaha. There are going to be a total of 3 episodes, each released every week, I promise. I have them all done so it shall be easy to release them. I hope this video inspires you all to travel and challenge yourself may it be solo or with a group. You all are inspiration to me and returning it to you all. I still have to finish up Long Treks morocco, my bad, 2 more episode left in that series.

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