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#1 Mountain Skiing Resort of Russia as per March-2014 competition!!!!
Sheregesh is a very small town (po’syolok) in Tashtagol area of Kemerovo region. The climate of Sheregesh is quite mild in compare with other parts of Siberia, so that strong frosts there occurs relativly rare.

The mountain Ze’lyonaya (“Green Mountain”) is famous for its best pistes in the Western Siberia. The quality of pistes is in according with requirements of international standart FIS so that it’s possible to hold competitions on the highest level. On a regular basis Sheregesh carries out the laps of of the Russian Championship.
Every year at ski center “Mustag” the contests like Festival of Siberia on Snowboard, contests among amateurs and professionals for prizes of big sport shops take place there.

Sheregesh is famous for its perfect freeride skiing possibilities. Freeriding is available as along both sides of ski lift on the mountain Zelyonaya (further from pistes) or also on the slopes of another mountain Mustag wich is now not equipped with ski-lifts so you need to climb up or by walk or by ordering a helicopter or just by making agreement with snowcat driver.

From the top of mountain Zelyonaya start 2 main red pistes, both approximately of 50-60 meters in width. Central piste changes in the middle of its way into even easy piste that is mostly interesting for beginners.
The side red piste usually is not smoothed by snowcat so it’s the challanging way for mogul.

How to get to Sheregesh
You can come to Sheregesh first by plane to Novokuznetsk and from there by bus or train to town Tashtagol or railroad station Kondoma and then by bus or taxi to Sheregesh.Ticket prise (including snowbord or ski and one big bag) for bus to Tashtagol is about 8 dollars and then the taxi prise to Sheregesh that is situated in 20 kilometeres from Tashtagol will be about 12 dollars. During weekends the tickets for bus maybe not available as too much people want to go for skiing at this time. For sure you should take your return bus ticket in advance together with the ticket to Sheregesh.

Much easier (although more expensive) will be to take taxi to Sheregesh straight from autobus station at Novokuznetsk. The taxi price to Sheregesh now is approximately 100 dollars for oneway route. The road will take time of 2 hour 30 minutes.