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The region-champion has everything best: its territory of more than 2 000 square kilometers can be compared to 10 Great Britains or 4.5 Frances. But the vast place from Laptev and Kara Seas to Uryanhaisky district is occupied by the famous region of Russia – Krasnoyarsk region, which is dearly loved by its people and by the guests.

There is the northernmost point of the Asian continent, the northernmost archipelago of Asia and the northernmost Russian theatre situated on the territory of the region. They are Cheluskin cape on Taimyr, Northern Land in Arctic Ocean and Norilsk Mayakovsky polar theatre. The northern part of the region includes Taimyrsky and Evenkiysky municipal districts, Turuhansky, Yeniseisky and Severo-Yeniseisky districts. They are inhabited by Turk dolgans, samodiysky nents, ents, nganasans, selkups, kamasints, motors, evenks, kets, kots and asans who carefully preserve and revive the unique culture of Krasnoyarsk region’s aborigines.

Krasnoyarsk region holds the first place according to coal, nickel, nepheline, magnesite and graphite resources. Almost all platinoids are mined in the region. Besides 75% of cobalt, 80% of nickel, 70 % of copper, 24% of lead, 16% of coal of all Russian volume is mined in Krasnoyarsk region. The region is also among the first in the country according to gold mining and the first in the country according to hydro energetic potential: the turbines and generators of Sayano-Shushenskaya hydroelectric power station are the most powerful in Russia (6400 watt).
Low and Podkamennaya Tunguska, Angara, Kan, Biryusa, Mana, Tuba and other rivers (more than 20 000) join their waters with one of the biggest rivers of Russia – the powerful Yenisei. The region also has the biggest waterfall of Russia (400 meters) and the most beautiful and complicated rapid on Yenisei – Kazachinsky.

Krasnoyarsk region can amaze everybody: a unique exposition of a Siberian village under open sky “An ethnographic museum-reserve “Shushenskoe”, the state nature-reserve “Stolby”, the first world level ski resort in Russia The fun park “Bobrovy log” and picturesque slopes of the nature park “Ergaki”. The ancient city-museum Yeniseisk and the Memorial complex in Ovsyanka village devoted to our famous countryman Viktor Astafyev are natural and unique.

Krasnoyarsk region is a Mecca for ecotourists. There is the biggest in Russia nature reserve Bolshoy Arktichesky (Big Arctic, 5149 hectares) and one of the largest zoo in Siberia “Roev ruchey” where a family of giraffes happily lives in a warm cage.

The state nature reserves Putoranskiy, Sayano-Shushensky, Taimyrskiy, Central-Siberian and a national park “Shushensky bor” attract many tourists from all over the world every year.

Krasnoyarsk citizens have their own Krasnoyarsk Sea and a southern resort Tagarskoe lake.

In XVIII century the first meteorite “Pallas Iron” fell on the territory of Krasnoyarsk region, after that a unique Tungussky nature reserve which helps to reveal the mystery of Tunguska event was founded here.

Krasnoyarsk region is situated in the very center of Russia and of course in the hearts of all Siberian people.