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A stunning collection of the world’s most exotic and beautiful roads, rivers and trails, shot in breathtaking HD. Behold the splendors of ancient journeys that have connected both famous and forgotten places for centuries, and now connect you to those who traversed them throughout history.

1. Peru – The Inca Trail:
The Inca Trail is filled with clues connecting you to ancient civilizations. Begin in Lima and travel through amazing cities including Oroya and Cuso before finally arriving at the ultimate destination, the unparalleled mountain kingdom of Machu Picchu.

2. The Amazon:
Travel down the Amazon, the largest river in the world. Encounter young Amazonian boatmen, air-taxi pilots and the fishermen who live along the water. Visit the few villages along the river. Marajo, an island where buffalo roam freely, and Manaus, called the “Paris of the tropics.”

3. Patagonia:
Patagonia is a magical land at the end of the world, over 1,500 miles from Buenos Aires. The road here is exciting, unrelenting and sublime. Patagonia’s beauty goes hand in hand with its wild and inhospitable environment. A the end of your journey, Ushuaia unfolds like a brilliant picture postcard.

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