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Travel video about destination San Diego in the United States of America.
For some, San Diego, a coastal city with a wonderful climate, is California’s southernmost city, for others it is the northernmost city in Mexico. It is not quite as predictable as other U.S. metropolises and even the skyline promises something different.

Palm trees, colorful flowerbeds and wonderful sandy beaches are typical of Southern California and are an open invitation to surfing and relaxation. The exclusivity of the beaches exudes an aura of luxurious living and the grand houses of the Coronado district are among the city’s most prestigious.

The long distance trains that travel through Amtrak Station connect San Diego with many other Californian cities and also with the bordering city of Santa Fe. The red tram, known as the San Diego Trolley, leaves from here and travels south to the Mexican border.

Everywhere there are blossoming flowers and spouting fountains and the magnificence of this colorful garden city makes it easy to forget the arid terrain of the nearby desert.

There’s also Balboa Park, the San Diego Zoo and Sea World. With its many attractions and close proximity to Mexico, San Diego is an unforgettable city that’s a very special kind of tourist metropolis!

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