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It is the only museum of law in the European area, and is the most important collection of the history of rights there is. On 4 floors, about 2000 square-meters, and in more than 130 glass-cases we give you a unique and complete glance at more than thousand years of legal history. Shown is the development of jurisprudence to the 19th century. In addition to state and constitutional law, of prime interest to us are civil degradation penalties and police laws, which are very revealing with respect to the notions, laws, customs and cultures of our forefathers. Additionally, these exhibits include instruments of torture, items used in the execution of sentences, costly books, graphic arts, documents of emperors, princes, the nobility and towns. Also included are coats of arms, seals, crafts, trades and patents of the nobility; caricatures of the judiciary, juristic ex libris, schools and their punishments, medals of law and justice, and legal symbolisms from seven centuries. By coming to Rothenburg, you will discover a medieval town with strong walls, buildings of Gothic and Renaissance style, churches, and Patrician houses. All these are testimony of the past life of an old imperial city and its citizens. However, while touring our town, you will probably find these show a very limited aspect of medieval life and for this reason you will ask yourself many questions. Buildings alone are not the answer to these questions. For this reason it is our opinion that you do not get to know a medieval town without hearing or seeing something specific about it. A visit to our town cannot be complete without visiting the Medieval Crime Museum. All displays are explained in English.

Exhibition of torture Instruments:
Baker`s Chair for bakers who sold too small loaves of bread, which were too small.

Fingerscrews were used to make people tell the truth.

Body Penalties
Wheel for killing the convicted by smashing his bones.

Axe of Execution

Penalties of Honour

Rosary Church punishment for people who did not go to church or fell asleep during the service.

Mask of Shame

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