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Travel video about destination Nice in France.
Nice is the Côte d’Azur’s fascinating and colorful city located on the curve of Angel Bay, a metropolis that has lost little of its turn of the century charm. It is also a place of contrast with all the pulsating life of an international city mixed with the rich Mediterranean flair of the south.

The magnificent Promenade Des Anglais was named after the resort’s former large contingent of English visitors and was built during the 19th century.

The historical centre of the city, Vielle Ville, has become the home of Arabian immigrants, thus couscous features prominently on the menu. The old fish market is the most beautiful on the entire Côte d’Azur and its traditional displays of seafood are a feast to the eye.

The Russian Tsars also spent much time in Nice and around 1900, a Russian Orthodox Church was built. With its six eye-catching onion-shaped domes, it was designed by the Russian architect, Preobrajensky, and is the most beautiful example of its kind in the western hemisphere. The foundations of the building were designed in the shape of a Greek crucifix and the interior features a remarkable collection of Russian icons.

A good way to visit numerous places of interest is by taking a journey on a small sightseeing train known as the Azur Express.

Just outside Nice, there are some remarkable Roman ruins and a villa on the excavated site contains the Matisse Museum that features each of the famous artist’s sculptures.

Nice is more than ‘nice’ — joie de vivre never had it so good!

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