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Travel video about destination New Orleans in the United States of America.
A fun-filled metropolis at the mouth of the Mississippi, New Orleans is a cultural melting pot and the birth place of jazz. In 1682, the Frenchman Robert Cavalier, declared this Mississippi region to be French territory and named it ‘La Louisiana’. However, Napoleon later accepted $15 million from President Jefferson and in 1840, it was the fourth largest city in the U.S.A. The Garden District is a sought-after residential area in which there is an abundance of magnolia trees, palms, shrubs and flowers. The city’s largest graveyard, the Metairie Cemetery, has over 7,000 graves and an array of spectacular mausoleums which astound the eye.Gumbo Soup, Jambalaya, Hurricane Cocktails and Dixie Beer are just a few of the traditional refreshments on offer in this carefree, non-stop city. Just outside the city, there are the swampy bayous alive with many exotic species. The Oak Valley Plantations, whose great wealth derived from the sugar cane industry prior to the American Civil War, part of which is reminiscent of some of the scenery from Hollywood’sGone With The Wind.In the 19th Century, New Orleans was North American capital of the Voodoo cult and today, it is a city of unique atmospheres, flavors, contrasts and Mardi Gras, an extraordinary city!

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