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Travel video about destination Lijiang River in China.
Jagdi, in the south of China, is the starting point for a journey on the Lijiang River.Like a green silk ribbon, the river winds eighty-three kilometres through lush countryside from which unusual cone-shaped mountains suddenly appear from the plains. The view scans across to Pagoda Mountain, lingers for a moment on Hole Mountain, and then moves across to Picture Mountain. Without warning, the vase-shaped cliffs and green rocks of the radiant Lotus Summit come into view. In the foreground, there are light green rice fields, extensive bamboo groves and lush orange plantations. During their lunch break, women sit at their noisy sewing machines while the men enjoy smoking their pipes. An idyllic, picturesque landscape in which the hands of time tick slowly by. Finally, Yangshou, in which numerous takeaways tempt with exotic delicacies and where, outside each establishment, pots and cages indicate what’s on the menu! In spite of their arduous rural life, the local people are happy and contented, a feeling also experienced by those who visit this amazing region.

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