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Here are the 5 times a year that you can guarantee Las Vegas will be insane

1. Super Bowl
2. Opening Weekend of March Madness
3. Memorial Day Weekend
4. Labor Day Weekend
5. New Year’s Eve

Every single year these 5 times are absolutely nuts. You can also bet that this is when flights and rooms will also be the most expensive.

Aside from these 5 times above, there are also quite a few big conventions in Las Vegas every single year. This link (…) lists all of the conventions taking place, so you will be able to see if any big ones are taking place, which may cause room rates to be higher than normal.

Lastly, even if you’re not familiar with the conventions, you can commonly get an idea if an event is happening in town based on the prices of flights and rooms for the dates you’re looking to book. If rates are high and it’s not during one of the 5 times of year I mentioned before or during a big convention, then there is likely some other big event, such as a big boxing or ufc fight, or NASCAR is in town, or a rodeo, etc.

If you’re someone who likes to come to Vegas when prices are cheaper, during the week is generally your best bet (as long as there is no big convention taking place). Lastly, the cheapest time of year to do a Vegas vacation is during the holidays, particularly around Christmas time. This is when you will likely find the best prices of the year to come visit Las Vegas.

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