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The hotel has recently been renamed, hence the old name stated at the beginning of this video. A nice hotel, cheap, simple, no thrills. A great pool area, nice size, rarely over crowded. The one weekly irritation comes from an English lady blurting out a sales pitch by the pool attempting to convince you that she,s there to look after your health, actually she wants to sell you some sun lotions. No big deal, quite funny once you,ve heard it more than once… 🙂 The food isn,t great, but not terrible either. Most guests go for the all inclusive deal, so it,s a fairly repetative buffet, but the choice is fair. Once a week they,ll barbecue up the most amazing steaks, & in endless supply. That was the highlight for me. The staff are always working hard, yet always friendly. “Gary” the entertainer is often at hand to do just that, entertaining, hosting bingo nights, kiddies discos, amongst a handful of shows that are on almost every night. Acrobatics, snakes, majic, musicians, & birds to name the ones that spring to mind. Water polo once a week, & then there,s the Friday morning volcano walk. Be warned, it,s long, & quite hard, but worth it! Gary has his own private library of books left behind by guests, & in multiple languages. Help yourself… A fun place with a nice relaxed atmosphere. The entertainment & bar closes around 11, so you,ll get to sleep if you want to, & I haven,t witnessed many “lager louts” as of yet. (Our 2nd visit) Worth a stay if you,re the kind of person who can appreciate it for what it is… The cleaning is amazing, every other day, new towels & a thorough job done. There,s a lot of cats around, although they won,t bother you if you,re not a cat lover. If you are then it,s an extra bonus! Gary takes care of them, so they,re not scrounging… There,s a pig on the premises, another pet, although I never did get to see it. I guess it,s there for the kids… Overall, my score for value for money, 7.5/10. This last visit, March 2011. My appologies for the mis-spelling, “correlejo”, instead of “corralejo”…

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