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Wooohoooo! We’re finally here in Chicago!

Estella and I arrived on an early Sunday morning. So the streets were quiet, birds were chirping, and the foggg! Wow.. the fog. Definitely added a mysterious feel to the city. It was a shame because due to the fog, we had a hard time seeing a lot of the high rise buildings. So going up to the John Hancock observatory would’ve been pointless. But it’s all good, cause that gave us more time to explore!

We went on an architecture boat tour, were a Chicago architecture expert introduced the buildings to us. I must say, I was truly fascinated by the diversity of these buildings, making each and every one of them so unique! Quite inspiring.

Next up, Giordano’s Famous Chicago Pizzaaaaa~ It was a highly recommended place to try.. so that’s why we were willing to wait the 45 min. Words cannot explain… just watch the vlog… !

Finished off the day with a bit of shopping. Overall, we had an amazing time! Everyone was very helpful and friendly. Had amazing food. Surrounded by amazing architecture the entire day. What more could I ask for? A day was definitely not enough… but I guess this gives us another excuse to come back :3

Anyways guysss, this will be the last bit of travelling I’ll do for a little while. School starts in 2 weeks! In the meantime, I hope to make more fun videos!

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