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Cannes is one of the most legendary towns along the French Riviera, famous for the International Film Festival held in May and home to several super-deluxe luxury hotels fronting on a long sandy beach. But surprisingly, the main shopping area and old section are down-to-earth, with normal prices and a friendly atmosphere. Touring strategies can be summed up in a nutshell: walk from the train station to the waterfront, stroll along the shore to the Old Town, eat and shop, then meander back to the station through the pedestrian area. It’s an easy four-block walk from the train station to the shore where you can have a peek at the high life exemplified in the extraordinary hotel palaces lining the grand Boulevard de la Croisette. Nobody will stop you from walking through their lobbies and perhaps pausing for some refreshments.
Just beyond the marina on the other side of the Film Festival Hall, you will reach the Old Town of Cannes, easily be missed by those hesitant to walk uphill, but don’t be dissuaded. Called “le Suquet,” this simple neighborhood is a welcome counterpoint to the ostentatious display of wealth down below.
A central lane, Rue Meynadier, is for pedestrians only and runs for about a mile towards the train station, which is where you’ll be heading shortly to continue the day’s journey. There are plenty of souvenir shops and all variety of merchandise for sale on these busy main streets of Cannes. When you have finally finished your visit to this beautiful city, walk over to the train station and resume your journey.

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