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Brighton on the south coat of England is a resort with a long established reputation for Hedonism. For centuries its played host to an invasion of Londoners looking for a little bit of fun in the sun. Just an hour on the train from London Brighton tops the tables in so many ways According to the stats it’s the happiest and coolest city in the UK. Globally it’s rated as one of the ten best city beach break destinations and its in the top 3 gay friendly cities along with San Francisco and Sydney in the world. Kemp town better known as camp town is where it’s all at with a community of gay owned bars cafes and bookshops. And if you are looking for a bargain yourself why not try the 350 chic boutiques to be found in the shopping district known as the lanes. Quench your thirst at the 400 watering holes and nd take in some of the most eclectic street art you will ever see. The city inspires extragavence everywhere. Take the Royal Pavilion in all its eccentric glory. It was designed by the famed architect John Nash and completed in the early 1820’s when the Prince Regent was crowned King George IV. No expense was spared in decorating it sumptuous interiors. One of the king’s passions was food and the most elaborate banquets were held here in the banqueting room where the French chef Marie Antoine Karen created menus with as many as sixty dishes. Later in 1845 Queen Victoria was not so amused and she sold the Pavilion to the city for just £50 but its hard to imagine anywhere else where it would feel so at home. For many it sums up the city vibrant colourful and creative, this is Brighton.

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