5 factors that make Italy a remarkable place

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Pizza? Lasagne ? Yes, indeed, Italy it is. Italy over many decades has been famously recognised for their traditional home made dishes, but there’s way more you are about to discover!  The video above , speaks about  the ‘ Top 10 Things to do in Italy’ .

 5 factors that makes Italy a remarkable place to visit


      1. The Food 

In terms of food, Italy has always had a good reputation for serving food  to the highest possible standard, with a guaranteed exquisite taste. So, when going to Italy its not just the Pizza and Pasta you have to keep an eye on, It is also the Wine, Gelato, Roman meals, Tiramisu , Pasta Carbonara, Ravioli, Risotto , Gnocchi and Prosciutto, that makes Italy so memorable. All these wonderful dishes and courses are hidden in every restaurant down the streets of Italy, awaiting for all roaming tourists, whether it is in Florence or in Rome, the tongue will sure be satisfied.

        2. The Wine 

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Do you love a nice glass of fine wine? Italy has it all! Having a glass of wine after finishing a meal is tradition, going to a restaurant and not ordering wine after eating, is like eating a burger that just consists of the two buns. With a variety of wine types, Italy has all the wine you could ask for, ranging from sparking and sweet all the way to crisp and dry. Specific cities that focus on wine, ‘ Venice’s Urban Vineyard ‘  sells visitors wine such as Prosecco and Dorona. A great place for Wine lovers wanting to wine taste or just simply explore the varieties of wine that Italy has to offer!

           3. Italy’s Architectures

Italy is also famous for its extensive and varied architectural style , even though, Italy was divided into city- states,  it still remains united as a result of their recognisable construction , similarly being domes or arches. A famous Architecture being the ‘ Colosseum’   which is located in Rome, followed by the ‘ Florence Cathedral’ located in Florence,Italy.


        4. Museums and Galleries. 

Uffizi Firenze

Out of many of the things that Italy is famously known for, it is also known to be a country full of museums and wonderful exhibitions. Art lovers will without a doubt have an amazing experience exploring and discovering all the art and history that Italy has to offer. ( Image on the left ) One of the oldest museums in the world is in Florence , Italy.  ‘ Galleria Delgi Uffizi ‘  is a museum in a 16th century palace, containing  masterpieces from a variety of artists , one being Leonardo Da Vinci’s. It is recommended that visitors book their tickets in advance, Click here to book.

Museo Ferrari



‘Museo Ferrari’ (image on the right)  is the perfect place for Motor-racing fanatics , with a dream come true spread over six main halls. Making it a unique experience for all visitors as in the museum, there are displayed Ferrari designs of Sergio Pininfarina. Additionally, within the complex is a stimulator, the stimulator allows visitors to experience the thrilling feeling of driving a Formula 1 Car.

           5. Landscapes

The magical separation between the blue sky and shimmering coloured sea  makes Amalfi Coast a  paradise worth the visit. Aside from the sheer beauty that Amalfi Coast has to offer, it is home to some superb hotels and restaurants. Unlike the city, Amalfi Coast is a much more relaxed destination for tourists wanting to relax and have some time off the busy city, Amalfi Coast is quite expensive however it is more ideal for romantic couples. Amalfi Coast is located in the South of Naples; the closest and most common gateways to Almafi Coast is through Naples, Sorrento and Salerno. Also, the common modes of transport is ‘ Sita’ coaches and in the summer period, Ferries.

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