Taking a Dublin Holiday in September

Ireland is a great place to visit any time of year however September is one of the months where great travel deals can easily be gotten.

If you’re considering a Dublin holiday in September, make it as long as you can. Not only are there many things to see in Dublin, the month of September brings with it several festivals that will keep you hopping during your stay.

Peak tourist season in Dublin is July and August. This means visitors to the city during September will be able to enjoy the local attractions without all the crowds. September also provides nice weather and more hotel options.

For festivals and events, September is the month Dublin displays the ‘Dublin Contemporary’. This art show is a variety of visual exhibitions and solo shows that takes place all around the city.

The very popular Absolute Fringe Festival is a 16-day music festival and art exhibition. This festival includes a diverse variety of supermarket shows, hoola-hoopers and inventive performances and of course, cocktails. Enjoy some of the wild creations and lavish displays that make this festival unforgettable.

September is the month to celebrate Arthur Guinness. The famous man who invented the popular Guinness beer is celebrated by performances and concerts on Arthur’s Day. The day’s celebrations also include a pint or two of the beer.

Europe’s oldest specialized theatre festival is also held in Dublin during September. The Ulster Bank Dublin Theatre Festival celebrates international and local Irish performance by the world’s most highly regarded artists.


Image from Anita Wade