Hunting vacations in the US

With its large selection of diverse geographical regions and its plentiful areas of wide-open spaces, the United States is, in many ways, a promised land for hunters.  Hunting is close to the soul of many people in the US and there are plenty of places to enjoy a hunting vacation in the great outdoors, anywhere from Alaska to Texas, with lots of possible locations in between.

Hunting activities

Along with the rich selection of hunting locations, the United States offers a wide range of different hunting styles and hunting activities.  While traditional hunting trekking and camping in the wild is possible, there are an increasing number of luxury vacations available to meet the needs of all sorts of hunters.  In addition, different seasons bring different types of prey, and different hunting experiences.

For example, the lengthy coyote hunting season in Michigan, which runs from mid-July through mid-April, presents visitors with lots of different options when planning their hunting vacation.  Missouri and Illinois are also popular states for hunting coyotes, and the winter months provide plentiful opportunities.  During some months, the hunting experience can be enhanced with some nighttime hunting.  Seasons vary by state, but in Michigan, hunting at night is possible between mid-October and late March.

For many hunters, deer hunting is the classic activity, and there are countless possibilities for good sport throughout the country.  Deer hunting whilst staying at a luxury lodge in Wyoming offers a rich experience amid beautiful countryside for novice and experienced hunters alike.  Elk and antelope can also be hunted in Wyoming.

The more adventurous hunters may want to try more exotic game.  In this respect, a hunting vacation in Alaska can include bear and moose in the Rainbow Bay area. Conversely, smaller game can also be found in numerous areas, including whitetail or turkey in Texas, quail in Georgia, and of course, there are plentiful locations for fish and birds.

Hunting equipment

Booking the hunting vacation is only one step towards making the trip a rewarding get-away.  It is also necessary to make the right preparations in terms of planning the hunt and acquiring the right equipment for the season and for the prey at hand. 

Even at a luxury lodge, where accommodation is fully taken care of, hunters still need suitable clothing and, of course, a hunting rifle and other hunting equipment, such as callers to attract the prey. A variety of tips and techniques for coyote hunting can be found at along with advice on the right equipment for the best success on the hunt.  In terms of callers, distress style sounds, such as a rabbit-in-distress caller, often produce good results when hunting predators. 

Other recommended gear for coyote hunting, in addition to the rifle and caller, can include a good seat and a rifle support, which make it easier to wait for the prey and to take a comfortable position when the coyote appears.  Without such equipment, many hunters can miss even quite close-range coyote targets.