Month: May 2012

Top 10 most dangerous tourist attractions in the world

Some students on a gap year have nothing more hazardous in mind than learning an indigenous language so they can be more effective in a humanitarian pursuit whilst abroad.  Others, though, know that after their time of service has ended, they will want to unwind with an activity or two that will make their adrenaline […]

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Explore the Amazon!

Most people have heard of the Amazon, but they may not realise the sheer scale of this river and the rainforest basin that surrounds it.  In terms of water flow, the Amazon is by far the largest river on the planet, discharging more water than the combined flow of the next seven largest rivers. The […]

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Leaving your comfort zone behind: a gap year in India

Students who have completed the standard sequence of compulsory education frequently feel a need to take a “gap year” before they continue on to university or enter the adult world of work.  Far from a mere holiday, a gap year is widely regarded as a time when young adults can explore their own interests and […]

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