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The essential Guangzhou travel guide – newest Insider TV host Cecelia Li tours you around the best places to eat, drink, shop, and play in city of Guangzhou.

What to do in Guangzhou in the month of January 2015:

Discover the rich historical gems tucked away at the Tai Gu Cang Wharf, a protected heritage site by the Guangzhou Municipality, and indulge in its many dining, entertainment and leisure outlets.

Enjoy the stillness of the night and the dazzling city lights as you take a romantic cruise along the Pearl River on board the Guangzhou Star Pearl River Cruise.

Hop on board a boat and explore the tranquility of the Liwan Lake. Have a bowl of Guangzhou’s popular pork noodle soup while you admire the greenery of the nearby parks.

Sup on fresh brews and authentic Bavarian cuisines at Paulaner Brauhaus, where you can enjoy your food and drinks indoors or outdoors at the beer garden.

If you want to enjoy the convenience of having your own beer flowing from your own table, head on over to The Brew at Zhujiang which features Asia’s first table taps.

While in Guangzhou, make sure to check out:

* Canton Tower
* Nansha Wetland Park
* Zhujiang-InBev Beer Museum
* Lignan Impression Garden
* Tianzi Wharf
* Bubble Tram
* Fusion Japan Restaurant
* Tandoor Indian Restaurant
* Mc Cawley’s
* Chime Long Resort


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