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Travel video about destination Berlin in Germany.
Berlin is Germany’s modern capital city, a fascinating European metropolis with a dramatic history in which contemporary architecture merges with the imposing character of a centuries-old city.

The Nokolai Quarter was built by the DDR government as a sort of old town, a European Disneyland for the city’s 750th anniversary, a popular area with ‘new’ medieval buildings that display various guilds and stone statues that surround the city’s oldest church.

We travel to nearby Potsdam, a city of castles and gardens and with an old town that features a lively market atmosphere. When the monarchy settled there, so did their armies and with them came craftsmen, merchants and artists from many countries. The castle-like Nauener Tor leads to the Russian colony of Alexandrowka and then to Belvedere on the Pfingstberg.

Returning to Berlin we embark on a trip at the Eastern Train Station on the Panorama S-Bahn whose carriages are equipped with large panoramic windows and marvelous views turn the journey into a wonderful adventure.

The Olympia Stadium is still a gigantic and remarkable sight and for the 11th Olympic Games in 1936, the Third Reich spared no expense.

A new city has emerged from its historic past, Berlin, a young metropolis of the third millennium that is increasingly becoming the centre of Europe. This metropolis with a heart is always worth a visit!

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