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I’m new to Msc.
And This is my first family holiday!

A lovely niece, want to be a photographer…
And take me a picture, because she thinks I’m Beautiful *(Blushed)*
Hmm… okay! it totally made my day.
Look at how adorable she is!!

While we were focused on discuss join the tour.
The staffs were very friendly, exceptional and we had a truly fantastic evening.
Thank you!

When I have the time,
I like to share a beautiful breakfast to people. And let them know that, what you can eat on the cruise and of course this is a nice breakfast for myself too. It’s great!

Look at the fish. They are so free and elegant. What a nice day!

The cruise delay to Malaga, so we eat our lunch buffet first.
wow, everyone is so happy, and say hi! that’s so great! we are all so relax and enjoy our lunch time.

what a perfect sunny day!
not a very long (queue) line-up.

I’d like a tour by taxi, and visit to the TOP attractive location in Malaga.
you should not miss and then you’ll save time and “negotiate the price” with the taxi driver before you get in.

Spain’s fifth largest city is in the middle of one of the world’s most important tourist destinations. The city of Malaga has a special charm, Culture, traditions, gastronomy, and enviable climate.

Mala gue ta Bullring and Port on the right
Capital of the Costa del Sol, this modern city has developed rapidly in the last twenty years or so but has, nevertheless, managed to preserve its essential character.

Undeniably cosmopolitan,
The city of Malaga has maintained its inherent Spanishness
in spite of the enormous influence of foreign tourism on the province which has had a notable effect on towns and villages only a short distance away along the coast. You should take the time to stroll around the centre and soak up the atmosphere of this ancient Mediterranean port.

The city centre while keeping its traditional character intact.
Calle Larios from which a maze of narrow streets fan out and where old-fashioned shops alternate with modern bars and charming squares appear at the turn of a corner.

View of Malaga´s Cathedral
These days it is hard to imagine that the building known as the Palacio de Aduana.

After the tour, We walked back to cruises!
Good bye, Malaga!

It feels like a whole new beginning in my life, one that I am undeniably excited and ready for! …Wait to share all the photos, video and details of our travel experienced with you guys when we return home. Have done what I can and now just am going to go enjoy the moment.

Thanks for watching everyone!

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