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China is known for its silk and Suzhou is most famous place for silk producing. This tour takes you to the No.1 Silk Factory in Suzhou founded in 1926 as a state-owned factory. With this tour, firstly you can get the knowledge of the whole life of a silkworm.
What is so amazing about the silk-making process is that the silkworm creates its cocoon out of a single silk thread that is continuous for approximately 3,600 feet. Among the processes, making cocoons to skeins is especially important. The workers operate machines that spin the silk filaments into skeins. One cocoon is attached to each spindle. This makes it better understood why the filament of each cocoon must be unbroken. Then you will see how the people produce silk with the old style machine, and the making process of hand made silk quilt. You can testify that these quilts are light as a feather and very warm and buy one if you like it.


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